New Selection Box Available

August 31, 2023

New Selection Box Available

We are delighted to let our customers know that we have produced a new selection box consisting of all three flavoured cheese straws that we currently produce and stock.

The new selection box will consist of our delicious range of cheese straws flavours:

Strathdon Blue, Smoked Dunlop, and Highland Dunlop cheese.

Have you tried any of our cheese straw collection yet?

We don’t think it will be long before these selection boxes start selling fast, they would be a great idea for gifting to family and friends that are cheese lovers.

Our cheese straw collection is a delicious treat for anyone, and if you are yet to try them, they are delicious, flaky straws that have a light crunch and are light in colour but indeed full of flavour.

The link below is to show off the full collection of cheese straws:

The link below is direct to the new selection box: