About Us

Our products have a known and trusted provenance

In a competitive market where mass production continues to be the dominant force, Stag Bakeries offers its growing number of discerning customers something less ordinary.

Stag Bakeries has been an integral part of Scotland’s beautiful Hebridean landscape since 1885. Today as the company grows we remain a family business where our skilled workforce continues to uphold our core values. Attention to detail, pride in our work and a cast-iron commitment to customer satisfaction, are still firmly at the heart of everything we do.

Our state of the art artisan bakery in Stornoway uses traditional methods and only the finest ingredients. Add a healthy measure of creativity and you have a range of award-winning products for every occasion – water biscuits, oatcakes and shortbread – just a small part of our extensive range.

While we will always value the support of our loyal island customers, our company, thanks to an expanding network of stockists, has spread its wings to embrace new business from across the United Kingdom and further afield.

Created with love and imagination, packed with character and flavour and baked just for you from original recipes, our products have a known and trusted provenance.