Cheese Straw Collection

August 28, 2023

Cheese Straw Collection

Today we would like to re-introduce our delicious Cheese Straws collection.

We have a choice of three different flavours, all distinct and delightful, and there Is just the right amount in a box to leave you wanting more.

First, we have the Highland Dunlop Cheese Straws:

Delicious and flavourful bespoke highland cheese that oozes a great taste with every bite.

Second, we have the Strathdon Blue Cheese Straws

A delicious aged blue cheese that is flavoursome, aromatic and melds in the mouth perfectly with the buttery, flaky pastry.

And last but by no means least we have the Smoked Dunlop Cheese Straws.

A Highland Smoked Dunlop organic cheese traditionally smoked over whisky barrel shavings for a delicate smoky taste.

They can all be paired with your favourite dips however, they are still fantastic and tasty all by themselves.

Let us know which is your favourite.