World Whisky Day (20th May)

May 19, 2023

World Whisky Day (20th May)

This weekend is a celebration of a very long traditional drink in Scotland and still a very wide favourite for many, with a lot of stories to tell too from time gone by between the Cailleach’s and the bodachs today!

Here, at Stag Bakeries we have scoured and sourced a delicious Scottish whisky for one of our flavoured cakes which has been available to purchase for years now and has been a very successful idea too!

Whisky has a very deep bespoke taste and flavour, and some would certainly “put hairs on your chest!” however we have put the right amount of ingredients together and created a delicious Orange & Whisky cake that we continue to hear great reviews about.

Not only have we got a delicious whisky and Orange cake for you to devour, we also have the Hebridean Baker - Whisky shortbread that is our newest addition.

Fun Fact – only in Scotland you are allowed to name the word spelt Whisky as it is a Scottish traditional drink and only the purest is made throughout the distilleries in Scotland.

In England the spelling changes because it is not infused through the Scottish clear waters, therefore the spelling of Whisky becomes Whiskey.

So evidently it all boils down to the location of origin. How many different Whisky’s have you tried and how different are they depending on the location.