World Whisky Day

May 15, 2019

World Whisky Day

World Whisky Day was officially set up by Blair Bowman back in 2012 to allow more people to become interested in whisky and to boost tourism for Scotland, home of Whisky. It welcomes everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life. All you need is a bottle of whisky to share with your friends. Even though there are many occasions to give you a great excuse to knock back a few drams, like a Saturday night in Scotland- the one day truly celebrated around the world is on the third Saturday in May which is this coming Saturday.

If the taste is not for you, we have something that may help, our speciality Orange and Whisky Cake. A golden fruit cake that pairs the sweetness of juicy oranges with a smooth, balanced Scotch whisky. Presented in a luxury tin featuring the landscapes of the Outer Hebrides making it perfect for special occasions or gifting. If you are interested in trying this cake you can buy it in our online shop!


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