Sea Salt & Black Pepper Water Biscuits

October 09, 2023

Sea Salt & Black Pepper Water Biscuits

We have a delicious selection of different flavoured water biscuits and today we have decided to highlight our Salt & Pepper water biscuits.

These delicious biscuits won 2 Gold Stars in 2014 at the Great Taste Awards.

A comforting combination of Salt & Pepper has become a classic tradition for many years now and we decided to put them into biscuit form, and they have been a big success.

Have you tried these biscuits with hand – crafted Connage Clava – brie style cheese or added nuts with a different spread of choice. A light slice of fruit would pair well too. 

Pair well with your favourite flavours or simply indulge on their own, they will taste just as good with or without.

Here is the link, have a browse and let us know what you think.