Salt & Pepper Water Biscuits

June 30, 2020

Salt & Pepper Water Biscuits

Our Stornoway Salt and Black Pepper Water Biscuits are gently seasoned with tangy salt and piquant pepper.

Using only the finest ingredients to unsure the prefect snap, these Water Biscuits are a match made in heaven with any type of cheese. All baked in our premises in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, each biscuit is carefully made by time-served craft bakers following a heritage island recipe.

Serving suggestions

We suggest pairing the Salt & Pepper Water Biscuits with your favourite summer toppings such as a creamy brie-style cheese, decorated with a slice of sweet juicy nectarine and crowned with thinly sliced radish for a delicious bright and beautiful summertime snack.

Serving the creamy cheese and flavour-bursting cracker alongside a glass of chilled Chardonnay makes an excellent pairing. The acidity of the wine helps to cleanse the palate, keeping the richness of the cheese from becoming too overwhelming while still letting the seasoned Water Biscuit flavours pull through. The wine also has enough body to match the creaminess of the cheese, making them ideal partners.