Orange & Whisky Fruit Cake

September 15, 2023

Orange & Whisky Fruit Cake

We are slowly coming to an end of the summer months.  We have had lovely sunny weather that has been much appreciated here in Stornoway, as throughout the year we have many spells of bad weather, interruptions, with lots and lots of rain!

So, with September being the last month of some sunshine, why not kick back and relax in the garden with our delicious Orange & Whisky cake for dessert after dinner and watch the sunset.

Or how about gifting this delicious cake to friends and family, perhaps they came to visit the island and made special memories together, our tinned Fruit cakes would be the perfect send off gift for them to enjoy when they get back home and they have the gifted tin with the beautiful scenery from the Isle of Lewis for a keepsake.

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