International Food & Drink Event 20th-22nd March

March 17, 2023

International Food & Drink Event 20th-22nd March

We are heading to London in a couple of days’ time. We are excited and raring to go, is anyone else as excited as we are?

We are looking forward to meeting lots of different people from all walks of life and cannot wait for you all to try out our products.

We are going to heading off shortly to the International Food & Drink Event held at the Excel Arena in London on the 20-22nd March.

The products we have brought along with us are:

  • Our full variety of flavoured water biscuits including Rosemary, Parmesan & Garlic, Chilli, Salt & Pepper, Original (large and cocktail), and Multi – Seed.
  • Our full range of cheese straws, Strathdon Blue, Smoked Dunlop, and Dunlop.
  • Our seaweed collection consisting of Seaweed Water Biscuits, Seaweed Shortbread, and Seaweed Oatcakes.
  • The Hebridean Baker Collection, consisting of Chocolate Oaties, Mixed Berry Oaties, and Lemon & Ginger Oaties. Marmalade Shortbread, Whisky Shortbread, and Heather Honey Shortbread.
  • Stornoway Oatcake collection, Traditional, Honey & Seed, and Smoked Butter.
  • And lastly our beautifully designed fruit cakes, consisting of Raspberry & Gin, Orange & Whisky, Blackcurrant & Rum, and Something Different for Cheese fruit cake.

We look forward to meeting you all.