Grazing Board Date Night Must Haves

February 12, 2021

Grazing Board Date Night Must Haves

It doesn’t take much work to make a fabulous Grazing Board for your Valentine’s Day date night. If you have the main ingredients (and a few Stag products for good measure!) then it will definitely be a date to remember.

A grazing board combines the best of a cheeseboard and charcuterie platter into one indulgent selection of food. There is no strict recipe for a grazing board – simply gather together all your favourite nibbles and arrange them on a large platter or plate to share with your loved one.

When creating a grazing board our all-butter gourmet Cheese Straws are a fantastic option. These are lovingly hand-baked and combine buttery pastry with some of the finest speciality cheeses in Scotland. Each one is light, flaky and delicious. Whether it be the Smoked Dunlop straws made with cheese smoked over whisky barrel shavings, or either of our other varieties, they are sure to deliver on flavour and texture. Something different to bring to your charcuterie board but also a great snack to comfort eat when your sliced chorizo doesn’t fold correctly!

The crispy rustic texture of our Smoked Butter Oatcakes, a moreish, oaty delight is not only a delicious accompaniment to soft cheese but is also a great conversation starter - did you know they are made with oats and butter smoked in the Hebrides’ last traditional smokehouse?

And of course, no night is complete without some Stornoway Water Biscuits. Our Water Biscuits come in a variety of six flavours and we also make the Original version in cocktail size – a perfect carrier for to trying new cheeses and toppings.