Delicately Spiced Cajun Water Biscuits

April 06, 2021

Delicately Spiced Cajun Water Biscuits

Our flavoursome Cajun Water Biscuits were awarded 1 star at the Great Taste Awards in 2019, helping continue our run of over 20 years of receiving a Great Taste Award. Giving our traditional recipe a twist, we were really pleased with how the taste of the Cajun crackers came together:

“Good even bake. Biscuit snaps well and flakes well in the mouth. The spices have been dealt with very carefully giving no harshness and a gentle development over a period” said the judges.

Our recommendation for these tempting, tangy biscuits is serving them topped with a sliced conference pear and garnished with a sharp tomato salsa. Using the tangy salsa to enhance the Cajun spice in the biscuits, the cool sweet pear will harmonise the flavours to create the ultimate flavour combination.

We suggest making your favourite margarita cocktail with this delicious canapé.