Autumn Cheeseboard Ideas

August 31, 2022

Autumn Cheeseboard Ideas

With Autumn fast approaching we thought we could give you a few cheeseboard ideas.

We have a variety of products to suit any cheese type lovers, from our award-winning selection of traditional to flavoured water biscuits, oatcakes, and cheese straws.

Water biscuit flavours are Rosemary, Parmesan & Garlic, Salt & Pepper, multi-seed, Cajun, Seaweed, and our Original traditional flavour. They all go well with cheese and pates but feel free to mix and match with your own ideas.

We have a variety of Oatcakes, and the flavours are honey & Seed, Seaweed, Smoked butter and traditional baked, great with fresh salmon slices or butter and cheeses.

We have three flavours of our delicious puff pastry cheese straws, Strathdon Blue, Dunlop and Smoked Dunlop, no dips required as these are tasty, flaky, and scrumptious all by themselves and look great on the cheeseboard.