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We’re proud to present the delicious new Sweet Straws. Available in four tempting and contemporary flavours, they are a twist on traditional savoury straws such as our own all-butter speciality Cheese Straws. Hand-baked in the oven, they are light and crunchy and come in the ideal size for snacking. Equally good when eaten with tea, coffee, ice cream or fresh yoghurt. Available for food service.

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Apple and Cinnamon Sweet Straws

Delicious sweet straws in Apple and Cinnamon flavour.

Blackberry and Basil Sweet Straws

Sweet straws with a difference in Blackberry and Basil flavour.

Raspberry and Chocolate Sweet Straws

Moreish sweet straws combining Raspberry and Chocolate.

Sour Cherry and Vanilla Sweet Straws

Delightfully fragrant sweet straws in Sour Cherry and Vanilla flavour.