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Seasonal flavours and innovative product formats add something special to your table. These limited edition varieties often come from the company archives and combine classic recipes with contemporary tastes and flavours. In a slight diversion from our biscuit range, the superbly rich and fruity ‘Something Different for Cheese’ is a fruit cake that enhances any cheeseboard. And new for Christmas 2015, we are proud to introduce the Great Taste Selection tin and some exciting additions to our gourmet cake range.

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Something Different for Cheese

An exciting alternative to biscuits with cheese; rich fruity cake that complements your cheeseboard.

Honey and Ale Fruit Cake

A twist on our Something Different for Cheese, this cake is made with Hebridean Ale infused fruit and honey.

Rheinland Stollen

Rheinland Stollen enriched with butter and rum soaked vine fruits.