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Seaweed Biscuits

Perfectly balanced Hebridean Seaweed and sea salt add a unique taste of the Islands to our Stornoway Water Biscuits, Oatcakes and Shortbread.  Our Water Biscuits won three gold stars and Top 50 status in the 2013 Great Taste Awards and more honours at the Speciality and Fine Foods. 

Hear what Nigel Barden, BBC Radio 2 Food Correspondent, has to say about our Seaweed Water Biscuits

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Stornoway Seaweed Water Biscuits

Our multi award winning cocktail size water biscuit that tastes of the sea

Stornoway Seaweed Oatcakes

Delicious and hearty cocktail size oatcakes made with seaweed and sea salt

Stornoway Seaweed Shortbread

Salt and sweet perfectly combined for a unique flavour profile.