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Our all-butter cheese straws are lovingly hand-baked and combine buttery pastry with some of the finest speciality cheeses in Scotland. Perfect for picnics, snacking or pre-dinner drinks, each one is light, flaky and delicious. Whether it be the Smoked Dunlop straws made with cheese smoked over whisky barrel shavings, or the Ayshire Bonnet straws that meld delicate pastry with hard pressed cheese made from goat's milk, or either of our other varieties, this range is sure to deliver on flavour and texture.

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Cheese Straws with Ayrshire Bonnet

Delicious buttery pastry combined with cheese made from Saanen and Toggenburg goat's milk.

Cheese Straws with Dunlop

A straw that melds the nutty and creamy taste of the Dunlop with buttery pastry to create a truly indulgent snack.

Cheese Straws with Smoked Dunlop

A deliciously light cheese straw with a smoky taste.

Cheese Straws with Strathdon Blue

Rich and indulgent, this straw combines flavoursome and aromatic blue cheese with our delicate pastry.