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Mar 03, 2015

Stag’s baking heritage on the beautifully unspoilt Outer Hebridean island of Lewis stretches back to 1885. Only the finest ingredients and lots of care go into making our biscuits. To showcase our brand’s Scottish heritage, our product range is built on provenance - and the latest additions to the range are no exception.

Continuing the policy to develop sweet and savoury artisan biscuits with provenance, we have partnered up with a fellow local business. Stornoway Smokehouse, the last traditional smokehouse in the Hebrides, who are helping us to produce our latest new products - traditional Scottish Smoked Oatcakes. At the smokehouse, oats and butter are gently smoked over oak and beech to develop the ingredients for the new Smoked Oatcake range.

Smoked Butter Oatcake, are sensational with a distinct, smoky flavour. Don't just take our word for how good they are. We entered them into the Great Taste Awards last year (just as we'd finished the recipe) and they attained 2 Gold Stars! There's also the delicious Walnut Oatcake which has a warm, nutty flavour.

We've deliberately kept the smoked oatcakes cocktail sized so that you can enjoy simply as a snack but they are an ideal base to create interesting canapés and can also be enjoyed with cheese. 

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the butter and oats smoking in the smokehouse, before they head to our bakery for using in our delicious recipe!