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The benefits of seaweed

Feb 27, 2015

A recent article in the Daily Mail talked about seaweed. How popular it was becoming and why we should consider seaweed as part of our diet. According to the article, 

  • Food trend analysts have stated that seaweed is what we're going to be eating this year - it's the next food trend

If that is the case, then we're delighted! Perhaps we were a little ahead of our time having launched our Seaweed Savoury Biscuits back in late 2013. Our Seaweed Water Biscuit, Seaweed Oatcake and Seaweed Shortbread are all made from a secret blend of red, brown and green seaweed that is sustainably sourced from the Isle's sea lochs. We absolutely love them, and they can be enjoyed on their own as a simple snack or perhaps pair the water biscuit and oatcake with crayfish or salmon for a real taste of the sea!

The article also made mention to the health benefits of seaweed, which we thought we'd share. Seaweed is:

  • High in nutrients
  • Low in fat
  • Has a high iodine content - iodine stimulates the thyroid which manages your mood, energy and metabolism

So, next time you're out perhaps it's worthwhile popping some seaweed into your shopping basket!