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Really easy ideas for canapes

Sep 03, 2014

Eating Covent Garden blog kindly devised these delicious and super-easy canapés, each using our seaweed range as a base. Here are the delicious recipes. Why not try give them a try and let us know which one is your favourite (as we can't decide!). 

Prawn, mango, mint and lime - uses our Seaweed Water Biscuit


 Mix cooked king prawns with chopped mango and chopped fresh mint. Squeeze over the  juice  of  a fresh lime and leave for at least an hour.

 Top each biscuit with a prawn, piece of mango and some mint.


Smoked salmon with wasabi creme fraiche and chives - uses our Seaweed Water Biscuit



Cut the smoked salmon up into pieces twice the size of the biscuit. Fold the smoked salmon  in half and put on the biscuit. Add a dollop of wasabi creme fraiche and top with chives. 



Cheddar, pear and mango & lime chutney - use either the Seaweed Water Biscuit or Seaweed Oatcake


 Slice the Cheddar and the pear into pieces just smaller than the biscuits.

 Place the Cheddar on, add a dollop of chutney and top with the pear slices.

 Use a chutney of your choice!


Parma ham and nectarine - use either the Seaweed Water Biscuit or Seaweed Oatcake


 Cut the Parma ham into generous slices and fold on top of the biscuit.

 Slice the nectarine and place on top of the ham.

 For extra indulgence, top with Buffalo Mozzarella.


Read the Eating Covent Garden Blog here: