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What do you eat with our delicious water biscuits?

Nov 22, 2013


Water Biscuits - it's what Stag is acclaimed for. Water Biscuits aren't just any old biscuit for cheese; there are so many ways to enjoy them. 

We've been talking to the people that enjoy them to find out just how they enjoy eating them. 

For some, they like to keep it simple, with a generous spread of butter (sometimes salted). Others are traditionalists, using water biscuits as the perfect base for a huge hunk of cheese; a nice mature cheddar, goats' with a fig jam top or a classic blue.

Then there's the fishy people who savour their savoury snack with a juicy prawn or some smoked salmon. Finally there are those who enjoy them with a nice, robust paté which could be meat, game, fish or vegetable based. 

But, if you enjoy eating our Water Biscuits in another way - we'd be delighted to hear how you enjoy them!